Workers at a Volkswagen factory in Poznan, central Poland, April 2020. Photo Credit: Jakub Kaczmarczyk/EPA

Society Poland14. May 2023

Low Unemployment, Less Violence, Higher Life Expectancy… This European Country Upped Its Game

In recent years, Poland has asserted its rising dominance on the world stage.

Today, Poland has a record low unemployment rate of 3 percent, a lower infant mortality rate than Canada, higher female life expectancy than the United States, and less violent crime than the United Kingdom. The country is currently experiencing the longest uninterrupted growth in European history.

This unprecedented growth can partly be attributed to the car industry. Poland largely relies internally – rather than on external imports – for its human and technical needs within the car production industry. Joining the European Union in 2004 also meant higher standards of living and greater economic growth overall. And in recent months, the United States purchased 10,000 Polish missiles after they proved more effective than American Stingers. A myriad of factors have led to Poland finding its own voice and asserting itself, not only in Eastern Europe but on a global scale.

The Guardian

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