China last year installed more solar power than the total installed capacity in the U.S. Solar panels in the Gobi desert in the northern Ningxia region. AFP/Getty Images

Environment China30. March 2024

More Wind and Solar, Less Carbon Emissions in the World’s Third Largest Country

China’s carbon emissions are set to decline years earlier than expected, thanks to the country’s rapid expansion in renewable energy.

China successfully installed 300 gigawatts of new wind and solar power last year, which will be sufficient to meet the country’s new electricity demand for the first time. The country known to be one of the largest climate polluters is now leading the way in clean energy technology.

This surge in renewable energy capacity comes ahead of plan and now puts China on track to meet its Paris Accord climate commitments. The country is stepping away from its coal-fired power plants, leading to a considerable projected reduction in emitted greenhouse gases. Furthermore, it is reshaping global manufacturing and clean technologies. It could alone be enough to reduce projected global warming trends, demonstrating the decisive action of a country taking massive action to meet international climate goals. “China’s acceleration was extraordinary,” says Fatih Birol of the International Energy Agency.


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