Bison were nearly hunted to extinction but are now thriving in several national parks, including Theodore Roosevelt National Park in North Dakota. Photo Credit: NPS / Jeff Zylland

AnimalsEnvironment United States 19. January 2024

Native American Tribes Welcome Bison Back Home

To keep local ecosystems balanced, 300 bison will be rehomed to Native American tribes.

Bison were on the brink of extinction in the late 19th century but have rebounded to more than half a million individuals within the United States alone thanks to concerted conservation efforts.

In 1956, bison arrived again at the Theodore Roosevelt National Park and have thrived there since. However, due to limited natural resources and no natural predators within the park, biologists recommend limiting bison numbers to only a few hundred so as not to disturb the natural ecosystem. At the end of 2023, officials decided to rehome 300 bison from the national park to Native American tribes and reservations. Each bison was checked for good health by a veterinarian before being sent to its new home.

Smithsonian Magazine

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