Photo, Video Credit: Aptera

Technology USA26. December 2020

Never Charge Your Battery Again With This Solar-Powered Car

A California-based startup came up with a solar-powered electric car that never needs to be charged, and sold out its first batch of 330 futuristic three-wheelers in 24 hours!

“You can park the Never Charge solar electric vehicle at work or wherever and go back to it with more energy in the tank than when you left it – have it charge itself without having to pay a dime to drive it every day,” as per the startup Aptera’s website. “That’s the kind of freedom I think a lot of people would love.”

Priced at $26,000, the world’s first Never Charge solar electric vehicle claims an autonomy of 1,600 km. Every vehicle is designed to harvest enough sunlight to travel over 18,000 km per year in most regions. With its lightweight structures, low-drag aerodynamics, and cooling, it is meant to be the most efficient vehicle ever made.  The car also comes with a 110V outlet for manual charging in a standard wall socket. The 300 pre-ordered vehicles will be on the market in 2021.


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