Under the plan, existing coal plants operating through or beyond 2039 must reduce their emissions 90 percent by 2032. Photo Credit: Rachel Woolf for The New York Times

Environment United States5. May 2024

No More Coal: Strict Regulations, for a Green Transition

A new regulation in the United States will require coal-burning power plants to reduce emissions by 90 per cent by 2032 or shut down.

“By developing these standards in a clear, transparent, inclusive manner, E.P.A. is cutting pollution while ensuring that power companies can make smart investments and continue to deliver reliable electricity for all Americans,” says Michael S. Regan, an administrator for the Environmental Protection Agency.

Though coal has powered the country for the last century, it emits more carbon dioxide into the atmosphere than any other fuel source. It is also linked to various health problems and may lead to developmental damage in children. In recent years, a clean energy transition has occurred in the country, relying heavily today on natural gas, wind, and solar power for energy production. The United States Environmental Protection Agency has predicted that the new regulations imposed on coal-burning power plants will eliminate 1.38 billion metric tons of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere between now and 2047 – in other words, the equivalent of the emissions released from 328 million gasoline-powered cars. The move is criticized by some in the coal industry but widely praised by various health organizations, politicians, and citizens alike.

NY Times

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