A Carniolan honey bee (Apis mellifera carnica) is collecting nectar at a purple Lavender (Lavandula) blossom. Photo Credit: Frank Bienewald/Getty Images

Environment United Kingdom2. September 2020

Nurture Nature is the New Trend in Businesses (and many need nature to make money, too!)

Businesses show an interest in limiting the harm their operations do to the planet. More than 1,600 companies around the world have already taken steps to protect nature and reduce their threats to forests, soil, plants, animals, and humans.

“The key message is that your business can’t continue to have negative impacts while still expecting to benefit from the positive aspects of biodiversity,” says Cath Tayleur, a senior programme manager for business and nature at the Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership. Already nature “is in a perilous state”, she adds.

According to a World Economic Forum report from January, an estimated $44 trillion of yearly economic value – over half of the global gross domestic product – depends on nature and its services. Food crop pollination, genetic material for medicines, plant production for textiles, and mangroves to reduce storm damage are a few examples.

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