A San Francisco garter snake can grow up to 3 feet long. Photo Credit: Richard Kim/USGS Western Ecological Research Center

Animals USA28. August 2021

Snakes and Planes Can Coexist: This Airport Is Also Home to Endangered Species

The second-largest airport in California, United States, has turned a piece of its land into a sanctuary for two endangered species – the garter snake and the red-legged frog – where they can now both strive in ideal conditions.

“Everything that happens there is designed to protect these species,” says San Francisco airport spokesperson Doug Yakel. “We want to continue to provide a good stable environment for these two endangered species. Hearing that they are thriving – that is the ultimate validation.”

With some 1,300 snakes living at the 180-acre West-of-Bayshore property, it is the world’s largest population of garter snakes. The slender reptile painted with blue, orange-red, and black bands that can grow up to one meter thrives away from human contacts, as people are barred from the site. The habitat is also home to one of the snake’s favorite foods: the endangered red-legged frog!

The Guardian

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