A researcher holds two White's seahorses before releasing them into Sydney Harbor. Photo Credit: Sydney Institute of Marine Science via Facebook, Video: @daveharasti

Animals Australia7. September 2023

Seahorse Hotels: Creative Protection for This Endangered Species

In an effort to boost the endangered White seahorse, Australian scientists have released hundreds of the species into wild waters – the largest such release the world has ever seen.

“Seahorses are often considered a flagship species for conservation. We’ve seen dramatic population losses, which means that we need to act now in order to help these guys persist into the future,” says marine biologist and project manager, Mitchell Brennan.

The scientists, however, went further than simply raising and releasing seahorses. They also custom-built “seahorse hotels” made from biodegradable metal. These structures will provide a safe place for the small creatures to live, eat, and seek protection within Australia’s Sydney Harbor. Before being released, the seahorses were tagged to allow scientists to continue to monitor their progress for the next year.

Smithsonian Magazine

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