Petrol refueling pumps, September 27, 2020, in Sozopol, Burgas, Poland. Photo Credit: NurPhoto via Getty Images

Environment Netherlands31. May 2021

Oil Giant Transitions to Cleaner and Greener Energy

The multinational oil and gas company based in the Netherlands has set a green objective: half of its energy mix will be clean in the course of the next decade, a step towards becoming a net-zero emission energy company by 2050.

“If we do not make that type of process by the middle of next decade, we have a problem not just as a company but as a society,” says Ben van Beurden, Chief Executive Officer at Royal Dutch Shell plc, commonly known as Shell. “We will focus on the demand side, and then the supply side is a resultant of that.”

The oil giant intends to produce less oil, more gas, and renewable energies, and to use technologies like hydrogen and carbon sequestration in order to achieve climate neutrality by mid-century.


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