Kadiatu*, 18, is pictured outside her home in a slum community in Freetown, Sierra Leone, May 26, 2020. Handout from Save the Children via Thomson Reuters Foundation

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This Game Teaches Kids About Sex, Trying to Reduce Unwanted Pregnancies During COVID-19

The coronavirus lockdown in Sierra Leone could likely increase the number of unwanted pregnancies, say experts. To tackle this issue, an international charity has created an interactive sex education app to provide the youth with reliable information and support.

Schools in the nation don’t teach sex education and the topic is largely considered taboo – additionally, the internet is filled with misleading information about both sex and health. This is where the app steps in.

“We felt that we could kill two birds with one stone by attracting their attention through a medium that they liked,” says Ramatu Jalloh, advocacy and communications director for Save the Children, “and providing them with trustworthy information that will help them make informed choices around sex.”

The interactive game asks multiple-choice questions related to sexual health and the coronavirus measures, to educate, share support contacts, and reduce the spread of false information.

Thomson Reuters Foundation

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