Malaga, Spain, 2018/09/22: A migrant is seen being helped by a member of the Spanish Red Cross after his arrival at Port of Malaga. Photo Credit: SOPA Images via Getty Images

Society Switzerland8. September 2021

Rich Country Gives Big Bucks to Help Solve Global Problems

In an ambitious plan to tackle poverty and encourage peacemaking measures worldwide, Switzerland has pledged to give $12 billion over the next three years, positioning itself as a leader in spending for international aid.

The European country invests primarily in the International Refugee Crisis, particularly through helping organizations such as the Red Cross to ensure migrants’ safety, as international cooperation is one of Switzerland’s top priorities. It aims to address the symptoms and source of the refugee crisis to solve not only the situation but its inherent poverty.

Switzerland also spends close to 15% of its total foreign aid on fighting climate change since the issue could worsen in the near future. In addition, since 2012, the country allocates more than a quarter of its total aid to sub-Saharan Africa, and it will continue to do so as half of the population there lives below the international poverty line. According to the International Development Assistance Committee, “73% of Switzerland’s aid goes to countries with more than one million impoverished people.”

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