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EnvironmentSociety Thailand24. June 2020

Abandoned Train Track Becomes Public Park, to Boost Well-Being and Tackle Climate Change

A disused train track has been transformed into a new park in Bangkok, Thailand – a model example to turn other unused areas in the capital city into green spaces, say urban experts, benefiting both well-being and the climate.

The Phra Pok Klao Sky Park, scheduled to open this month, is built on an elevated rail line that has been abandoned for over three decades.

“With the sky park we have shown it is possible to create green spaces from existing structures that can be valuable in fighting climate change,” says a landscape architect involved in the project, Kotchakorn Voraakhom.

“It is an example of how to repurpose an abandoned structure and increase green spaces in Bangkok through cost-effective design,” adds Niramon Serisakul, director of the consultancy leading the project, Urban Design and Development Center. The park helps locals more easily access nearby destinations such as schools and markets, inspired by Paris’ “15-minute city” – where people can walk, bike, or take public transportation to arrive to important destinations within 15 minutes.

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