3D printed plastic beams. Photo Credit: Universitat Politècnica de València/Alpha Galileo

Technology Spain30. March 2021

These 3D-Printed Building Bricks Are Light, Durable, and Easy to Stack!

A team of researchers based in València, Spain, developed a new 3D-printed beam stackable like lego bricks that offers a more customizable, more sustainable, and more durable alternative than concrete or metallic beams.

“It is a very intelligent natural system and its reproduction in these beams awards them, with the low structural weight, very high mechanical capabilities,” says José Ramón Albiol, professor at Universitat Polytècnica de València and one of the researchers of the study. 

Weighing 80% less than regular beams, the 3D-printable ones have plastic as raw material so they don’t corrode over time, and an alveolar structure as found in human bones. And since they can be printed on a construction site, the technology allows to better meet the client’s needs and reduces the price of transportation.

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