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EnvironmentTechnology USA21. November 2021

This Sustainable Stone Shines Brighter Than Ever

A new way to create diamonds, using sustainably sourced energy and carbon captured from air pollution, is proving to reverse damage to ecosystems, lower the carbon footprint, and positively impact the planet, all while creating fine jewelry.

“The world’s first positive-impact diamonds. […] The first diamonds to remove harmful pollution from the atmosphere. […] We’ve introduced an industry-changing concept with Aether that will define the future of fine jewelry,” says Ryan Shearman, CEO of Aether, the luxury jewelry company that received the first-ever vegan certification for its sustainably-sourced diamonds. What’s more, Aether is focused on educating consumers and encouraging sustainable choices.

Each carat in Aether’s jewelry removes around 20 tons of carbon from the atmosphere— higher than the average U.S. citizen’s total carbon footprint per year. Aether and British clean energy company Sky Diamonds are the first companies to use carbon to create diamonds. These carbon-negative creations are making the future of diamonds look brighter than ever.

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