Scientists Alejandro Arteaga and Amanda Quezada with one of the newly named snakes. Photo Credit: Alejandro Arteaga

Animals Ecuador1. November 2022

Three New Snake Species Found (So Let’s Protect Them!)

Three new species of snake have been found and named in Ecuador. The next step? Establishing a new nature reserve!

“The discovery of these new snakes is only the first step towards a much larger conservation project,” says lead author Alejandro Arteaga.

Scientists were tipped off about the snakes’ existence by a local woman after she visited her deceased family members in a graveyard. The scientists found all three of the new snake species in and around the small graveyard in a remote southeastern forest town in Ecuador. The scientists are now working directly with the Zoological Society of the Conservation of Species and Populations (ZGAP) in an effort to establish a nature reserve that will serve to protect the snakes.


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