The Trail of Tears as painted by Robert Lindneux in 1942. More than 60,000 Native Americans were forced to leave their ancestral lands and travel to reservations thousands of miles away.

Society USA21. August 2020

US Keeps Promise to Indigenous Creek Nation – after 154 Years…

The United States Supreme Court has affirmed the rights of Native Americans in Oklahoma by granting the Creek Nation a reservation – it was promised in a 1866 treaty.

“The elders, the Old Ones, always believed that in the end, there would be justice for those who cared for and who had not forgotten the original teachings, rooted in a relationship with the land,” says Joy Harjo, US poet laureate and herself a member of the Creek Nation. “Justice is sometimes seven generations away, or even more. And it is inevitable.”

In its decision, the United States’ highest court recognizes the Creek Nation’s “unrestricted right of self-government” with “full jurisdiction” over tribal members and their property.


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