Springdale, PA March 7, 2021 The Cheswick Generating Station in Springdale, PA is a coal fired power plant northeast of Pittsburgh. It is owned by GenOn of Houston, Texas. Among other things this coal fired power plant emits Nitrogen Oxide (NOx). The pollution affects the health of the air and the Allegheny River. Photo Credit: bgwalker/Getty Images

Environment USA28. March 2021

Coal Power Plants Are Cleaning Up Their Act (and Millions Will Notice)

The American government is taking important measures to protect millions of citizens affected by the air pollution from coal-fired power plants along the Eastern Coast.

“Millions of people across the Eastern U.S. suffer because of the coal plant pollution that blows into their communities from neighboring states,” says Graham McCahan, senior attorney at Environmental Defense Fund. “The update to the Cross-State Air Pollution Rule is a common-sense step to help them.”

Following a court order, the Environmental Protection Agency reviewed its Rule: coal power plants in 12 states are now required to lower their oxides of nitrogen (NOx) emissions since 22 downwind states receive lethal doses of soot and smog. To do so, they will need to improve and upgrade their pollution controls. Citizens should see improvement by this year’s summer smog season.

Environment Defense Fund

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