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Society USA11. August 2021

Debt-Free Degree, Anyone? This Retail Giant Says Yes!

Target is paving the way for affordable education across the United States: the retail corporation has pledged to invest $200 million over the next four years, to help eliminate student debt and make education more accessible for employees.

All U.S. employees, part-time and full-time, are eligible for assistance from the first day on the job. The opportunities are vast: high school completion, college prep, English language learning, certifications, bootcamps, associate, undergraduate, and even master’s degrees.

Over 40 colleges and universities are accessible, including the University of Arizona and a few historically black colleges such as Morehouse College and Paul Quinn College. With no out-of-pocket costs, the employees will have the opportunity to work and pursue a degree that may otherwise have been unattainable. Hooray, Target!


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