Photo sent by Jeffrey from Dubai

Twibber Stories UAE19. May 2020

We Read About Flamingos on twib: – Then we Saw Them for Real!

It was the first weekend after the lift of the strict corona lockdown in our hometown of Dubai. Over breakfast, I told my son Matt of one of the positive effects of the crisis: I had just read the story on twib: about the pink flamingos, which returned to the city limits of Mumbai in lockdown, because there were no people to be shy of. 

In the afternoon, we went for a little trip to the desert at the outskirts of Dubai. And we couldn’t believe it: there they were, a swarm of pink flamingos sitting at a desert lake.

Suddenly, as if on a secret command, they all spread their wings and flew out to the sunset. I jerked my mobile out and caught the moment – a magical moment for Matt and me! 

Jeffrey, 37, Dubai

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