A brick supercapacitor powering an LED light. The porous nature of fired red house bricks has made it possible for researchers to fill the pores with nanofibres of conducting plastic. Photo Credit: D’Arcy Research Laboratory

Technology United Kingdom26. August 2020

When Bricks Become Batteries (maybe very soon!), Your House Will Store Energy

New technology could transform a simple house brick into a battery. The trick: the pores are filled with nanofibres of a special conducting plastic that can store charge.

“If we can match the energy density of lithium ion batteries, this technology is way cheaper,” says Julio D’Arcy, at Washington University in St Louis, USA, who was part of the research team.  “It would be a different world and you would not hear the words ‘lithium ion battery’ again.”

In the fight against global warming, the quest for better ways to store electricity is important as it would allow renewable energy to be stored and used when needed. The power brick can be cycled 10,000 times before its capacity falls significantly.

The Guardian

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