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Environment Germany10. May 2023

Why Wait? Let’s Go Straight to Greener Heating

In its effort to reach carbon neutrality by 2045, Germany passed a bill accelerating the shift in heating buildings, essentially requiring heating systems to be 65% based on renewable energy as soon as January 1, 2024.

It is stated in the bill that “Germany can neither achieve its climate goals nor quickly reduce its dependence on fossil fuels without a rapid sea change in the heating of buildings.”

The recently adopted bill will speed up the shift to heat pumps, solar panels, and hydrogen boilers powered by renewables. Through this bill, Germany is also looking to reduce its dependence on the importation of natural gas. Subsidies will be made available to help citizens transition, and the government plans on covering 30% of the cost of installing new heating systems. An additional 10% bonus will be granted to anyone who converts their heating system to a climate-friendly one before the deadline. Exemptions will be enforced for people with low income and citizens over 80 years of age. By 2045, heating systems will be entirely powered by renewable energies.

Financial Times

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