Workers depave a stretch of concrete in Leuven, Belgium. Photo Credits: City of Leuven

Environment The World12. March 2024

Worldwide Initiatives Are Replacing Concrete with Greenery

Around the world, major cities are undergoing “depaving” initiatives to liberate unnecessary plots of concrete and asphalt, allowing nature to grow in its place.

“With climate change, extreme weather rainfall events are going to increase and so [depaving is] not a nice-to-have – it’s a necessity,” says Giuliana Casimirri, executive director of the environmental non-profit, Green Venture.

From Australia to Canada, cities worldwide are adopting depaving as part of the climate adaptation strategies. Proponents of the initiative say that depaving allows more water to soak into the ground, ultimately reducing flooding during heavy rainfall. Allowing nature to run its course in previously urbanized spaces also benefits native wildlife, whereas increasing greenery may even lead to improved mental health among residents. Though depaving is taking off worldwide, it is still being deployed on a small scale. For depaving to make an impact, more cities and more significant initiatives must take hold. “It starts with people pushing their government and starting these conversations on a small, local level. That’s how it takes hold,” explains Thami Croeser for RMIT University, Melbourne’s Center for Urban Research.


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