Bukit Timah Truss Bridge on the Rail Corridor. Photo Credit: Lauryn Ishak/Bloomberg

AnimalsEnvironment Singapore3. March 2023

“A Highway for Wildlife”: a Green Track in the Heart of the Country

A 24-kilometer-long railway track has been converted into a green nature trail in the heart of Singapore.

“The Rail Corridor is envisioned to be a highway for wildlife movement, providing a safe haven for animals to traverse between green spaces in Singapore,” says the National Parks Board and the Urban Redevelopment Authority.

It is expected to become a critical “connector” between ecosystems, ultimately increasing the genetic diversity of local flora and fauna. Moreover, over 52,000 native trees have been planted and several endangered native primary forest species have been reintroduced. Though it is considered to be a largely-industrialized country, more and more conservation efforts are entering into the conversation, and a 2030 goal of every household within a 10-minute walk of a park is now in the works.


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