Local communities rehabilitate mangrove in Indonesia. Photo Credit: Courtesy of the Indonesian Ministry of Environment and Forestry

Environment Indonesia24. February 2022

A Major Mission to Restore Peatlands and Mangroves Is in the Works

Indonesia has undertaken a dual program of restoring vast areas of peatlands and mangroves within a couple of years, and the country is determined to reach its goal to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions. 

Authorities are planning on restoring some 1.2 million hectares of degraded peatlands and 600,000 hectares of mangroves by 2024. Last year, 300,000 hectares of the total peatlands — a quarter of the total goal — have been restored.

The restoration of mangroves is more challenging, close to 35,000 hectares underwent restoration — or 6% of the total — and solutions are considered, including silvofishery, the practice of cultivating mangroves alongside aquaculture farms. This could allow the population to warm up to the restoration of mangrove areas that had been converted into shrimp and fish farms. The country plans on restoring another 300,000 hectares of peatlands and nearly 230,000 hectares of mangroves by the end of the year.


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