An Inuit man is hunting for wild animals on the North pole, Canada. Photo Credit: Ton Koene Photography/Getty Images

Environment Canada17. October 2021

Government Relies on Indigenous Peoples’ Help for Conservation (As They Should!)

Canadian leaders are investing massively in Indigenous-led conservation projects, a clever decision since Natives are the eyes and ears on the territory, and they propose the most ambitious plans to sustain land and communities.

“This is the largest federal investment in Indigenous-led stewardship to date, and we welcome the Government of Canada’s commitment to partnering with Indigenous Nations on conservation and stewardship,” says Valérie Courtois, Director of the Indigenous Leadership Initiative. “Guardians work on behalf of their Nations, but the jobs they do—responding to wildfires, restoring caribou and salmon, monitoring sustainable development—benefit the whole country.”

The Indigenous Guardian Initiatives – developed to support Natives in exercising their responsibilities within their traditional territories through stewardship initiatives –  will expand, and the Indigenous Guardians Networks will include First Nations, Inuit, and Métis. Canada will invest up to $340 million over the next five years in Indigenous leadership projects, and these investments are part of the country’s $2.3 billion commitment to nature conservation. Since 2018, more than $20 million were granted to fund more than 80 initiatives, notably to safeguard the territory’s lands and waters. Canada has pledged to protect 25% of land and inland waters and 25% of marine and coastal areas by 2025, and this protection will be raised to 30% by 2030.

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