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Technology Europe23. November 2022

Charging Ports Should Be the Same for Every Brand, EU Decides

The European Union (EU) recently passed a law that will require all new smartphones, tablets, and cameras to have a standardized USB-C charging port by 2024.

“Today is a great day for consumers, a great day for our environment. After more than a decade, the single charger for multiple electronic devices will finally become a reality for Europe and hopefully we can also inspire the rest of the world,” says Maltese MEP Alex Agius Saliba, the European Parliament’s spokesperson on the topic.

The move is expected to save at least 200 million euros per year and to cut more than a thousand tons of electronic waste within the EU every year. The law will also apply to laptops from early 2026. What’s more, consumers will have the choice when purchasing a new device of whether or not the need a new cable – another effort to reduce unecessary waste and better protect planet Earth. The hope is that the EU move will be adopted in other countries around the world.


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