White's seahorse is the only seahorse in Australia to be listed as endangered. Photo Credit: David Harasti, Video: WNCT-TV9 On Your Side

Animals Australia22. May 2023

Conservation to the Rescue: Endagered Seahorses Released into the Wild

More than 300 baby White’s seahorses were recently released in New South Wales, Australia in an effort to save the endangered seahorse species.

“[The release] was the best one we’ve ever done – 350 baby seahorses sitting around in their new home,” says David Harasti, Diver and Department of Primary Industries (DPI) scientist.

The endangered White’s seahorse used to be a common sight in Australia but the species has rapidly declined in recent years. The Sydney Aquarium hosts the breeding program, and only once the baby seahorses reach a suitable size are they released into the same waters their parents came from. Scientists at the DPI will continue to monitor the seahorses to record their survival and growth.


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