Banda Naira locals dress up and set off in a traditional "Kora Kora" war canoe to greet a small cruise liner that has come to visit the quiet, but historically rich Spice Islands, 01/10/1994, Banda Naira, Maluku, Indonesia. Photo Credit: Peter Charlesworth/Getty Images

Environment Indonesia2. February 2023

Corals Rejoice: More Marine Protected Areas Here

Indonesia is establishing new marine protected areas in its Maluku province, an area known for its richness of corals and reef fish.

“In 2023, we are already targeting to designate a marine protected area in the waters around Buru district since the funding is already secured,” explains the head of the provincial fisheries department, Erawan Asikin. One important change for this region is that large fishing boats will now be prohibited from entering the protected marine areas.

2022 alone brought with it five additional marine protected areas in Indonesia, marking 284,000 square kilometers of ocean area under protection in the country. Authorities say additional marine areas will be protected in 2023 as part of Indonesia’s goal of protecting a total of 10 percent of its waters. Protection of this kind not only helps to preserve natural resources but also helps to boost local economies.


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