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Environment Denmark14. July 2020

This Country Will Be Able to Provide Electricity from Wind to 7.7 Million Homes

A historic climate agreement in Denmark will quadruple the country’s total offshore wind energy capacity by 2030 – allowing it to generate enough electricity to meet the demand of 7.7 million European homes.

The agreement, part of the government’s Climate Action Plan, will result in investments to develop carbon capture technology and sustainable e-fuels. It will also see the construction of two huge offshore wind energy islands in the North Sea and Baltic Sea, which will distribute electricity between countries connected to them and help increase Europe’s share of renewable energy.

“By creating the world’s first two energy islands and by investing in sustainable fuels, we are making a crucial contribution to the international fight against climate change,” says Dan Jørgensen, Minister for Climate, Energy and Utilities. “I hope that this agreement will show other nations that climate action and economic recovery goes hand-in-hand.”

The Danish Parliament began its Climate Action Plan by reducing emissions from the waste sector. Thanks to the new agreement, the nation will see carbon emissions drop by a total of 3.4 million tons since the launch of the Climate Act in December 2019.

Danish Ministry of Climate, Energy and Utilities

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