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Animals New Zealand 15. May 2023

Great News for Ethical Trade: Live Animal Export Officially Banned Here

New Zealand will no longer export live animals overseas after passing a bill in 2021 that is now officially in effect.

“In a market where consumers are becoming more and more discerning about ethical and environmental credentials, this Government has moved to ensure that New Zealand’s reputation for ethical trade is not at risk,” says Agriculture Minister, Damien O’Connor. “This is why we […] made the decision to cease live exports by sea by the end of April 2023.”

O’Connor emphasized that the country is committed to high standards of animal welfare and sustainable and ethical trading. Billions of birds and millions of cows, pigs, sheep, goats, and horses suffer horrible conditions while being transported across borders. The European Union is also set to revise its legislation regarding the transport of live animals in the coming years.

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