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Health Singapore10. October 2020

Making Human Blood Cells Has Become Easier, Faster and Cheaper

Researchers in Singapore have found a way to manufacture human red blood cells (RBCs) twice as fast as before, in a more precise way for a fraction of the price.

“Our novel sorting and purification methods result in significantly faster cell processing time and can be easily integrated into current cell manufacturing processes,” says Dr Kerwin Kwek, Senior Postdoctoral Associate at Singapore-MIT Alliance for Research and Technology. “The process also does not require a trained technician to perform sample handling procedures and is scalable for industrial production.”

This improved way to manufacture human RBCs will benefit those in need of transfusions, like leukemia patients, by bypassing the need for large volume blood draws and difficult cell isolation processes. It will also help blood banks around the world since it reduces their dependence on blood donors which has a high risk of infection.

Science Daily

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