Mangroves the breathing lungs of Mumbai. Photo Credit: Aditya Shetye/Getty Images

Environment India18. February 2022

Mangroves Are Getting the Protection They Need in This State

Over the course of 2021, the protection of mangrove cover in Mumbai, India grew 23% as more than half of the state’s total mangrove cover has become a legal forest, a positive outcome that benefits biodiversity, land, and humans alike.

“This whole process starts by first declaring the mangrove site as a reserved forest under Section 4 of the Forest Act, which we had done even earlier, starting 2015,” says Virendra Tiwari, additional principal chief conservator of forests, mangrove cell.

Following a Bombay High Court order, the proportion of mangrove forests being protected gained 23 percentage points, from 30% to 53%. Some 3,000 hectares of mangrove remain to be bought in 2022 as part of the Forest Act. Mangroves are known to play a crucial role in coastal and tidal ecosystems, in protecting land and population against storms and flooding, and in being a great captor of carbon emissions.

Hindustan Times

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