The pandemic is said to have increased the demand for plant proteins. Photo Credit: Paul Chiasson / La Presse Canadienne

HealthSociety Canada5. August 2020

More and More Dollars to Make “Meat” from Plants

The sustainable protein market is expanding. The investments have multiplied following the listing of Beyond Meat on the stock market in May 2019, and it looks like the COVID-19 pandemic has something to do with this growth. 

“Large retailers as well as manufacturers are facing an increase in demand for products of plant origin, in particular due to public fears over the links between meat production and COVID -19 as well as other diseases like African swine fever,” says FAIRR (Farm Animal Investment Risk and Return). “The post-COVID environment has made 2020 a pivotal year for the sustainable protein market. In just six months, the sector has attracted twice the investment of last year.”

FAIRR wishes to engage global food producers and retailers to diversify their sources of protein in order to drive growth, but also to reduce risk and carbon footprint in a resource-constrained world. The shift that occurs is linked to the consumer food choices as well as the environmental impact animal-based protein has on global warming.

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