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Health USA12. September 2021

Nature Is What These Doctors Ordered

A growing number of doctors, and particularly pediatricians, all across the United States are now prescribing outdoor time and activities to their patients to curb physical and mental health issues caused by the corona pandemic.

“Once the patient decides on where to go, the prescriber talks about what they should do – maybe walk a dog? And how often – maybe every Monday, Wednesday and Friday for 30 minutes?” says Maryland-based pediatrician Stacy Beller Stryer, associate medical director with Park Rx America an online platform that helps medical professionals write nature prescriptions.

During the lockdown, weight gains in children reached up to 27 kilos, and anxiety rose. According to some 500 recent scientific studies, spending time outside reduces anxiety, the risk of obesity, and even overall mortality. More than 100 parks nationwide offer park prescription programs.

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