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Health USA10. August 2022

New Cancer Treatment Shows 100% Effectiveness During Trial

In an unprecedented, experimental treatment, an immunotherapy cancer treatment proved effective in every single patient involved in the trial.

The experimental treatment was done on a small trial of only 18 participants by doctors at New York’s Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in the United States. The participants, all of whom had rectal cancer, were prescribed a drug called dostarlimab for six months. Every single one of their tumors disappeared by the conclusion of the trial. 

“I am incredibly optimistic. […] We have never seen anything work in 100 percent of people in cancer medicine,” says Dr. Hanna Sanoff of the University of North Carolina’s Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer Center. “Paradigm shift is often used, but this really absolutely is paradigm-shifting.” 

The immunotherapy medicine works not by directly attacking the cancer itself, but rather by encouraging the person’s natural immune system to do the work. Some scientists are saying that these kinds of extraordinary results are unprecedented in the history of cancer research. What’s more, most people in the study had no severe adverse effects at all. The experimental treatment should be assessed next on a larger-scale to verify the true response rate — in the meantime, this groundbreaking study shines hope to all. 


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