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Twibber Stories19. January 2023

New Trend in Farming Lets Baby Stay with Mother Cow

I’ve been working for a small farm animal welfare organization for five years. Ever since I started, I’ve asked myself why cows and calves have to be separated right after birth.

So I talked to farmers and found out that some of them had the same question and wanted to change the system of calf rearing.

As a result, around 80 organic (and one conventional) farms in Germany have now decided to try a new way of rearing calves – where the cow and calf can stay together. Some farms keep them together for some weeks, on other farms the cow and calf stay together for several months. Most of the farmers say that it is the best method for the animals and for them because cows and calves belong together. Mother-bonded calf rearing – for me a true alternative in the milk-producing sector.

Originally published on October 26, 2019.

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