Photo Credit: Courtesy Christiane Slawik

Twibber Stories New Zealand16. April 2024

Happy horses roam freely and go for a swim

As a professional and passionate horse photographer, I recently went on a business journey to New Zealand, which is, for me, the most beautiful place in the world. There, I met Vicki Wilson, one of the best local horse breeders and riders—a World Cup jumping tournament winner on her way to the Olympic Games in Los Angeles.

On Ocean Beach, I saw her galloping through sand and waves on her incredible precious competition horses. Vicki bred and raised them without any pressure, restrictions and doping which is unfortunately a common practice in the international equestrian sport.

Her 80 horses don’t live in a stable but roam free outside in huge meadows and swim in rivers and the sea. They are Vicki’s partners, not just sports material, as often in the professional riding business. I could feel the bond and harmony between Vicki and her horses. Every rider should see that! She proves that even successful competition is possible in a species-appropriate and loving relationship with a horse.

Christiane Slawik, 60, Würzburg, Germany

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