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Twibber Stories Germany27. July 2023

My Five-Year-Old Inspired me – now 7000 Kids Can Go to School

As a single mother of two small kids, I went to the main station in Munich in the summer of 2015 when many refugees from Syria arrived. My five-year-old son asked me: „We can’t really help them, right?“

I was so touched by his sad voice that I decided to create my initiative Zeltschule e.V., which helps refugees to stay in their own regions and not risk the dangerous adventure to flee to Europe. Now we have built 30 camp schools in refugee camps in Libanon and Syria, 7,000 kids attend our schools. We also manage to help 25,000 people in the camps every day with water, clothing, and medicine. All the money comes from private donators, we don’t want to get involved in political interests. We just started a program for teenage girls to help them to get an education and avoid child marriages.

Every one of us can contribute to making the lives of less privileged people better. As said, when I started Zeltschule e.V., I was a working single mom with small kids. When I could do it – everybody can. 

Originally published on February 13, 2021.

Jacqueline Flory, 44, Munich, Germany

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