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Twibber Stories Germany23. January 2024

How my roommate enriches my life (she’s 73 years older than me)

Our story started about two years ago. I was a refugee from Iran looking for an affordable flat in Berlin when I was introduced to Agnes on her 101st birthday. Seventy-three years older than me, she was looking for somebody to share her apartment and get her out of loneliness.

Coming from different cultures and religions, Agnes and I matched immediately like two left shoes. Since I moved in, we have become best friends. We share laughter, cook, and sing songs from Rammstein together. Of course, I’m cleaning and taking care of Agnes’ meals, but we also go for walks, Shisha bars, and dancing clubs.

Without our idea of a shared apartment, she would have to live in a nursing home. Our arrangement did so well that we got a new companion – a dog. Mutual respect is our priority; I treat her like I wish to be treated. Our story shows how people of different backgrounds and ages can happily communicate and even live together. Meeting Agnes made my life richer.

Amir Farahani, 30 years, Berlin, Germany

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