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Society The Netherlands26. June 2020

You Can Now “Social Dis-Dance” At This Nightclub – During the Day!!

Just because they’re called nightclubs doesn’t mean they need to happen at night: one particular club in the Netherlands has decided to reopen its doors early, offering guests a pandemic-friendly dance session!

Each guest at the club, Doornroosje, can feel free to dance as long as they stay seated 1.5 meters apart from their neighbors, says the clubs’s marketing manager, Koos Hornman, to adhere to the nation’s ongoing public health measures.

“It’s part of trying new ideas to see what’s possible instead of waiting for this thing to pass by,” says Hornman. “There were all happy faces after 20 minutes.”

Doornroosje currently allows up to 30 guests in at a time to meet the country’s limit on in-person gatherings during the coronavirus outbreak. The club opens in the afternoon instead of the late evening, offering DJ and music sets that each last 20 minutes.


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