Workers assemble electricity installations in high voltage towers at an industrial zone in Dhaka, Bangladesh on December 3, 2020. Photo Credit: Barcroft Media

Society Bangladesh6. October 2021

Electricity for All: One Country’s Promise to Citizens

The Prime Minister of Bangladesh is working on ensuring all citizens have access to power. As of now, 99.5 percent of people have access to power, up from 47 percent in 2009. 

“The government has a plan to deliver better services to each consumer at their doorstep, as consumers’ satisfaction should be our main goal,” says Sheikh Hasina, the Bangladeshi state minister. The number of power plants as well as government-allocated money for electricity are on the rise, allowing for reliable electrical connections for citizens. 

In a recent survey, the percentage of happy customers stood at 95% for billing services and 88% for metering. Almost all Bangladeshi citizens now have access to electricity connections, with the objective being that all citizens will have access before the end of 2021. 

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