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Technology USA18. January 2024

You’ll Soon Be Able to Recharge Your Car As You Ride Here

The first electric vehicle (EV) wireless recharging road in the United States is set to be installed in Detroit, Michigan, thus testing the possibility of building more such roads across the country to boost the popularity of eco-friendlier cars.

“Developing electrified roadways may be the catalyst to accelerate interest and acceptance of EVs for all consumers,” says Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) Director Bradley C. Wieferich. “Making it easier for EV users to find a reliable charging source without disrupting their commute supports both fleet operations and passenger travel.”

A stretch of road on 14th Street will have charging segments of copper coils that send electricity wirelessly to EVs equipped with receivers. Electricity is transferred wirelessly through a magnetic field to the equipped vehicle battery when parked on or driving on the segments. The Israeli company Electreon has developed this technology, which has already been successfully installed in France, Sweden, Italy, Germany, and Israel. “The electric road is safe for drivers, pedestrians, and wildlife,” specifies MDOT.

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