Windmill farm in Simo, Finland, at sunset with beautiful sky. Photo Credit: Samuli Vainionpää/Getty Images

Environment Finland23. December 2023

Record Highs in “Green” Electricity Production

Fossil-free and domestically produced electricity has reached record highs in Finland, making way for renewable energy sources, most notably wind power, to provide most of the country’s consumption needs, which decreased by more than 6%.

According to Statistics Finland, 54% of the country’s needs were met through renewable energy sources with wind turbines’ production increasing by 41%, thus providing 14% of total consumption.

Nuclear power accounts for 35% of total production with an increased electricity output of 7%, hydropower provides 36% of renewable electricity, wind power 31%, solar power sits at just 0.6% of the total electricity production, while fossil fuels and peat account for 11% of electricity production. Their proportion decreased by 23% from the previous year.


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