Photo Credit: Courtesy Alstom/Sabrina Adeline Nagel, Video: Alstom

EnvironmentTechnology Germany13. September 2022

Say Hello to the First Fully Hydrogen-Powered Train Line

The very first train route fully running on hydrogen is now in operation in Germany, and the production of hydrogen with local wind power is also in the works – advancing the efforts of doing what is best for the environment.

“We will not buy any more diesel trains, in order to do even more to combat climate change,” explains Carmen Schwable, a spokesperson for LNVG, the German regional rail company operating Alstom’s hydrogen-fueled trains.

Hydrogen-fueled trains built by Alstom have autonomy of 1,000 km before the tanks need to be refilled, a better performance than battery-electric ones. Emitting no CO2, only water vapor, Alstom hydrogen trains are already in circulation in Germany – the country is currently operating five trains, with nine more expected to replace diesel ones – and are to also be in operation in Italy and France soon.

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