The remains of an 11 million years old leather turtle (Psephophorus), which is said to be at least two meters long, are a sensation. Photo Credit: DPA

Animals Germany12. July 2020

Scientists Dig Out an 11-Million-Year-Old Turtle

The remains of a leatherback turtle that’s at least 2 meters long have been found in the north of Hamburg, Germany – and it’s around 11 million years old!

The excavation team in Groß Pampau, a municipality in the district of Lauenburg, carefully recovered the turtle’s remains, which will be exhibited in the Lübeck Museum of Nature and Environment, over a period of several weeks.

But that’s not all the team has found in the clay pit of the prehistoric North Sea: the remains of a smaller sea turtle, corals, stingrays, fossil bones of a petrel and a dolphin’s skull have all also been found between eight and twenty meters below the surface of the sea’s former seabed.

Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

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