Last-minute funding will allow the initiative to support the community and the area’s vibrant natural landscape. Photo Credit: Jane McLeod

Environment Scotland15. November 2022

Wildlife Haven: This Reserve Just Doubled in Size

A landmark deal just secured an extra 5,300 acres of land to be added to the protected Tarras Valley Nature Reserve in the south of Scotland.

“This is about a grassroots fightback against the climate emergency and biodiversity crisis, and helping to create a better future. We are doing something so special here, and our expanding reserve is an amazing opportunity to visit this part of the world and be inspired by the wonders of nature,” says Tarras Valley Nature Reserve’s estate manager, Jenny Barlow.

An incredibly successful community fundraising event raised 2.2 million pounds for the land acquisition, effectively doubling the protected reserve’s size. The efforts from now on will largely focus on community regeneration and new jobs within the reserve, as well as the expansion of native woodlands and the protection of wildlife.

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