Wolf 2306-OR shortly after release in Colorado on December 19, 2023. Image Credit: CPW

Animals USA31. January 2024

Wolf Restoration Success: 10 Wolves Relocated, 5 More to Come

This year, ten grey wolves have been captured in Oregon, the United States, and released as part of a plan to restore a permanent population in Colorado, thus bringing back order in the state’s ecosystem.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW) shared in a statement that “[it] will continue working to source additional animals until up to 15 wolves have been reintroduced in Colorado by mid-March 2024.”

In mid-December 2023, five grey wolves were released in Grand County, Colorado, and the next group of five wolves was released without widespread knowledge of time and location for safety reasons. The ten wolves are all 20 months and older, meaning they are yearling and adult wolves, mature enough to hunt prey independently. CPW’s actions are part of the Colorado Wolf Restoration and Management Plan passed by voter decision in the 2020 election.

CBS News

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