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Twibber Stories Germany25. November 2021

How to Find Your Water Refill: A Sticker and an App

I drink tap water at home but must admit: When on the road, I often relied on plastic water bottles from the supermarket. Recently I have discovered an eco-friendly alternative:

The non-profit initiative Refill has already convinced nearly 6000 shops, cafés, pharmacies, and public offices in Germany to offer free tap water for anybody who brings his own reusable bottle. A sticker on shop doors informs about the project’s engagement.

The Refill website and water app list all the participating partners. The idea of the free water stations came from Bristol in England and was started in 2017 in Hamburg. Blogger Stefanie Wiermann, one of the 100 unsalaried people at Refill Germany, told me: “We have the privilege of drinkable tap water. Everybody can participate in and avoid plastic waste easily.” Refill underlines that the initiative is not only meant for clients at a café or a shop – but invites also homeless people to come in and fill their water bottles. Motto: Save money, stay hydrated, and prevent plastic pollution.

Originally published on March 18, 2020.

Marie Kellner, 51, Germany

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