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Twibber Stories France14. August 2020

2020: Hope Behind the Dark Clouds

For many years I have been doing business with the Middle East, so I know a lot of people from Lebanon. How big the shock was to learn about the destruction of the capital Beirut by the explosion in the harbor: 300,000 lost their homes, so many dead and injured.

Like most people I was very quick to say: “Oh, this year!”. But for the past few days I saw the other side of the bad news: In almost every social media group I saw appeals to help the people in Lebanon – and not only from Lebanese, from all kinds of people.

Very few posts looked professional, some were just addressing the neighborhood or close friends like this one: “Come to my garage and bring anything that helps. I will ship all to Beirut”, wrote one contact. A few hours later his garage was stacked with food and cloths (see picture).

Hopefully a lot of this help does arrive and makes the fate of the people a bit better. For me it proved, that even if this year is full of bad news, there is always the good nature of people rising right behind it.

Jean-Pierre Fournet, 53, Paris, France

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