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Twibber Stories Germany15. January 2021

Remembering the Past Gives Calm and Joy Now

For a few weeks, we live again in lockdown here in Germany due to the coronavirus. All restaurants, museums, and sports facilities are closed. The possibilities to meet with friends outside are very limited, apart from strolling through the streets or greens.

But I just learned that a nearby cemetery, shut down for almost 80 years, can be a great place to share beautiful moments with friends. Touching inscriptions carved in the gravestones tell you, how much the deceased was loved, who they were, and that also famous politicians, scientists, or artists found their last resting place here.

A few years ago the cemetery has been transformed into a small park. But it is more than a park. It is a beautiful place for people who seek a moment of rest in the hectic of the big city life. Joggers, groups, who have a picnic in the shadows of the trees, or children from the adjacent kindergarten, who run around happily are welcome. Here the respect for the dead and the joy of life coexist in remarkable harmony!

Originally published on December 9, 2020.

Marie Kellner, 51, Munich, Germany

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